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The Description of Bigo Live - Live Streaming App

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform originally owned by a Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte. Ltd founded in 2014. As of 2019, the ownership of BIGO Technology changed to Joyy, a Chinese company listed on the NASDAQ. BIGO Technology has proprietary artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning(ML) technology that is integrated into the application. The AI features are aimed to enhance user engagement and experience during live streaming. 

App Store Performance

In total, 4,823,242 reviews are found in Google play store with 4.3 stars rating. There has been 100,000,000+ installs and the most recent update is December 16, 2021. While in Apple app store Bigo Live is ranked No. 22 in social networking category with 4.2 stars rating by 45.1k users. The app is rated "Teen" on the Google Play store showing 12+ with parental guidance, however Apple App store is stricter and rates it as 17+ due to its mature content, and users' comments are often predatory and explicit.

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Bigo Live - Live Streaming App Update

Social media apps have grown at an unprecedent speed in recent years, they become an obsession for the young generation, BIGO LIVE is one of them. This free live streaming app lets users produce video blogs or livestream their activities in order to monetize based on content created. Live streamers receive live commentary from other online users, and the app also allows you to search for nearby app users. One-to-one or group video call (up to nine users) are made possible via group chats. User may also check out new and trending content nearby or post it by themselves.

Bigo Live’s video call feature has similar filters as Instagram Stories or Snapchat, which enable user to change their appearance and even voice when talking to strangers in Chat room. Live Stream hosts can set rewards criteria, user/follower will win the award automatically when they complete a specific task. 

Bigo Live - Live Streaming App Reviews

There has been news report voiced out their concerns, that the app may be “heaven for grooming” where minors are told to 'take off their clothes' and subjected to vile child porn threats due to lack of age verification mechanism, although personal information, like age, name and gender are required during signing up. It is certainly not an app for younger teens or children to use. As a matter of fact, the streamer’s social influence is ranked based on monetary tips or gifts received from fan group. In the long term, this will have a detrimental effect on their mental health as it can negatively affect self-esteem.

Bigo Live - Live Streaming App Pros and Cons


Promote and showcase individual creativity

- Easy and intuitive to use

- Large pool of active user online to connect to


- Content is almost mature, inappropriate, vulgar, and violent

- Poor customer service and slow response in handling user complaints 

- Live commentary on the streaming videos can often prompt bullying behavior

- Connecting with strangers is a major red flag that this app is not safe for kids

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Reviews (4)
  • By Rajesh Soman
    Happy dream
    25 Oct,2022
  • By Toheeb
    I want bingo live
    13 Oct,2022
  • By Daphne A Holman
    II want a ride tomorrow to my Drs office
    14 Sep,2022
  • By clyde Garcia
    What you vwant to here or say
    8 Sep,2022

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