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The Description of CapCut - Video Editor

CapCut is a very high-quality video editing application that can help users edit better videos, whether it is published to video platforms or their own collections are quite good. CapCut is an all-in-one video editor that helps you capture moments and cut into videos, with amazing transitions, effects, music, stickers, fonts and more, free to download and use, and support for mobile watermarks, allowing you to create stunning video. Advanced filters and perfect beauty effects give you endless possibilities, a huge music library and exclusive copyrighted songs, and trending stickers and fonts allow you to fully express your videos.

With this app, you can adjust as many parameters of your video as you want and get creative with a range of magical effects, it's all up to you. And, you can personalize the video with advanced filters and perfect beauty effects to fully fit into your idea. You can cut, reverse and change the speed at any time, making it easier than ever to get it right.

In addition to the above mentioned, most of the functions, special effects and materials in this application are free to use. And all the subtitles in the application can be freely set to switch to Chinese subtitles, the new function tutorial guide makes learning and editing easier, even the novice can easily learn.

App Store Performance

On iOS App Store, the rating of CapCut is 4.5 out of 5.0, with 759 user reviews, and it has been ranked as the #1 among Photo & Video apps. On Google Play, its rating is 4.5 out of 5.0, with 6,794,283 user reviews and more than 500,000,000 installs. Based on the above data, we can find that this app has equally high scores both in App Store and Google Play. Of course, if you are looking for a very high quality video editing application, you can give CapCut a try.

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CapCut - Video Editor Update

In the latest update, the developers of CapCut-Video Editor have not only enhanced the overall performance and running smoothness, but also updated some new features to improve the user experience.

CapCut - Video Editor Reviews

On the whole, CapCut is a super easy-to-use video editing application that can share various functions for you to meet your needs. The audio in the local video can be extracted and processed independently, which is very convenient and quick to operate. In addition to this, there are many materials to choose from within the app, most of which are free to use and support quick video editing.

There are many interesting dressing effect in the application, which can make users better feel the unique charm of different special effects, and players who like it can experience it at will.

CapCut - Video Editor Pros and Cons


1. You can edit and reorganize related clips according to your needs.

2. Using CapCut according to templates can save you a lot of time and unnecessary trouble.

3. Various beautification materials such as filters, special effects, stickers, etc. can be used directly.

4. Support HD video import, no longer compress video quality, and edit content according to your own habits.

5. Create a variety of user-friendly designs and rich special effects to help you create stunning videos.

6. You can directly rotate video footage from multiple angles, while adding various styles of filter effects.

7. Most of materials are provided costlessly, and various tools can be called at will.

8. Supports various multimedia file formats and provides various editing interfaces.



1. You have to enter subtitles to convert the sound. If there is a lot of text, it will be relatively troublesome.

2. The variety of languages is relatively limited.

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Reviews (2)
  • By Liz
    It was good
    18 Oct,2023
  • By Molly
    I want to get apps free without entering my email or my private information
    13 Nov,2022

Additional App Information

  • Category:
    Video Players & Editors
  • Update:
    31 Oct,2023
  • Size:
    222 MB
  • Requirements:
    Android 5.0+
  • Developers:

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