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The Description of Peloton - at home fitness

In recent years, keeping fit has become a major concern for everyone around the globe. And here is an app called “Peloton” which offers an option for those who find it desirable to do exercise in a more flexible way in face of the fast-paced life-style in the modern society. Classes on streaming media of different types, such as strength, cycling, treadmill running, outdoor running, yoga, HIIT and meditation are available in this app, therefore, users with different personal fitness goals can be satisfied via this app.

App Store Performance

On iOS AppStore, Peloton’s rating is 4.9 out of 5.0, with user reviews of approximately 600,000.

On Google Play, its rating is 4.4 out of 5.0, with 9,626 user reviews and more than 1,000,000 installs. 

With an almost perfect rating on iOS AppStore, Peloton is trying to prove that it’s one of the best-performing fitness app. For those who need to keep fit, download this app, and I am sure you will not regret it.

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Peloton - at home fitness Update

The app is committed to providing useful updates for its users by making bug fixes and performance improvements regularly. 

Peloton - at home fitness Reviews

Diverse Classes: A wide range of fitness classes are delivered by world-class instructors as follows: strength training & toning, treadmill running outdoor running (audio), indoor cycling, yoga, HIIT, treadmill and indoor bike bootcamps, meditation, stretching, cardio workout, and walking.

Stay Connected: The users who are working out together can send or receive “High Fives” as incentives. Users are encouraged to follow those who share the same tags with them to find a sense of belonging, and check their friends’ profile to see their recent workouts and achievements.

Challenges: Monthly Challenges are designed as incentives to encourage users to make constant progress regularly. In the long run, users would become somewhat “addictive” to their workouts.  

Guided Programs: Professional instructors are responsible for those weeks-long programs to ensure that the programs are designed scientifically and effectively so that users can take a shortcut on their way towards fitness. Plus, among a variety of programs, users are definitely able to find their favorite ones. 

Peloton - at home fitness Pros and Cons


-Advice from experienced instructors can be easily found in this app.

-Classes offered in this app are diverse enough to meet the needs of different users.

-The price for a membership is quite affordable, and users can figure out what kind of classes is the most suitable for them.

-For those whose fitness plans are hampered by COVID-19 pandemic, Peloton can provide a new form of exercise. 

-Users can track their live metrics via the app by connecting their device with a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor or cadence sensor.


-Occasionally, updates of the app would upset users as some program records are lost after updates.

-Network issues can disturb users from their workouts in certain cases.

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    Health & Fitness
  • Update:
    16 Dec,2022
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    110 MB
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    Android 6.0+
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