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The Description of Pinterest

Pinterest is the world's largest social sharing site for images. Pinterest was founded by Ben Silberman, Paul Shara and Evan Sharp. Here users can add and manage their own photo collections categorized by theme and share them with friends. It uses a website layout with a waterfall.

Pinterest began construction in December 2009 and launched an internal beta in March 2010. On August 16, 2011, Pinterest was named one of the 50 best websites in the world for 2011 by Time Magazine. In January 2012, Pinterest had 11.7 million unique users, according to comScore. the majority of Pinterest users are women.

App Store Performance

On July 18, 2022, we updated Twitter as often as we can to make it greater. The most important updates are performance improvements and localization update.

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Pinterest Update

A total of 9,230,000 reviews have been found in the Google Play store with a rating of 4.6 stars. It has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was newest updated on July 18, 2022. And it has received a 4.8 star rating from 4,200,000 users in the Apple App Store.

Pinterest Reviews

Whether you're into photography, design, fashion, food, music, architecture or even games, you'll find something to your liking on Pinterest. Users will post photos to a board, and if you're interested in one photo on a board, it's likely that the entire board will appeal to you because the photos above it offer similar content.

You can also browse photos by category, and click on a photo to see the board it belongs to and the author who uploaded it, and even the author's other works and other users he follows, and so on. All photos can be added with likes and comments, so you can easily find them after a while. You can share photos to other social networks or store them locally by tapping the phone's menu button. 

Pinterest Pros and Cons


1. Simplified interaction: It allows users to effectively clip and collect content that interests them.

2. Waterfall layout: It has more intuitive user experience interface and unique style of content display.

3. High-quality user base: It attracts a variety of original artists and designers, etc.

4. Impact on visual experience: The website looks like a wall that can give users unlimited inspiration.

5. Register to share mode: Use Facebook or Twitter account for login, quickly spread in the user social group.

6. Redefine user behavior: When users follow a Tag, Board or Category, the system follows by default, which is a redefinition of this user behavior of Follow.

7. High-quality picture: Attracting girls from the perspective of color and composition, it is easy to resonate with female users, who are a very potential user group.


In the "Organize" page, the layout has changed compared to the previous drawing board page, and it is very different from the drawing board page. It is more difficult for users to understand.

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Additional App Information

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    26 Oct,2022
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    90.1 MB
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    Android 7.0+ (N, API 24)
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