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The Description of QR & Barcode Scanner

Nowadays, QR codes and barcodes are almost everywhere in modern life, and the QR & Barcode Scanner app, produced and published by Gamma Play, will be the best free QR code reader/barcode scanner you can get! With this app, you will be able to scan and read all QR code/barcode types, including ISBN, URL, text, contact, location, calendar, email, Wi-Fi and many more formats anytime, anywhere.


This app is super easy to use. All you need to do is open the app, align the QR code or barcode you want to scan, and it will automatically start scanning. There is no need to press any button, take photos or adjust the zoom. You can even use the app to scan product barcodes and compare them with online prices to save money, and scan coupons/promo codes to get discounts!


In addition, the app has been designed with some details more in mind for user convenience. For instance, you can turn on a flashlight to scan in the dark, use pinch-to-zoom to easily scan a QR from a distance, generate new QR codes with ease, and much more.

App Store Performance

On Google Play, the rating of QR & Barcode Scanner is 4.5 out of 5.0, with 2,346,547 user reviews and more than 100,000,000 installs. On iOS App Store, its rating is 4.3 out of 5.0, with 3,752 user reviews.


Judging from the above data of Google Play and iOS App Store, the app is rated higher than the average rating of most apps, which shows us the fact that this app is widely demanded across the globe, and that most users are satisfied with its performance.

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QR & Barcode Scanner Update

In the latest update, the developers of QR & Barcode Scanner have improved their newly discovered vulnerabilities and the speed of app launch and QR scanning, while also enhancing the stability and smoothness of the app.

QR & Barcode Scanner Reviews

Backed by high technology, this lightweight but powerful QR code and barcode scanner and reader is undoubtedly the best choice for people. The convenience that this app brings to people's life, work and study are unimaginable. On top of that, some detailed designs, such as flashlight, pinch-to-zoom function, dark mode, and Favorites function, provide the best service for users. In short, this app is a must-have app for every Android device.

QR & Barcode Scanner Pros and Cons


-      The app scans very fast. It scans the QR code instantly, practically before you can even get your camera in focus.

-      The app can scan QR and bar codes directly from images or galleries.

-      It is very easy to generate QR codes from the clipboard content.

-      Users are able to change the theme of the app, such as using dark mode.

-      The app enables the user to scan multiple QR codes at a time through the Batch scan mode.



-      The in-app pop-up ads can sometimes interfere with the user experience.

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Reviews (5)
  • By Sardar khan
    I want to download telegraph chat app
    31 Jan,2023
  • By Alonzo i want to pay without a hassle
    Very nice
    29 Jul,2022
  • By Marie
    QR Scanners are very important for life.
    23 Jul,2022
  • By Lonnie
    Scan code
    10 Jul,2022
  • By Fayze
    9 Jul,2022

Additional App Information

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  • Update:
    5 Sep,2023
  • Size:
    10 MB
  • Requirements:
    Android 4.4+
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