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The Description of Reddit

Reddit is a social news site. It is owned by Condé Nast Digital (a subsidiary of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc). Users can browse and submit links to content on the Internet or post their own original or relevant user-submitted text. Other users can vote on the links posted with high or low scores, and links with outstanding scores will be placed on the front page. In addition, users can comment on posted links and reply to other commenters, creating an online community where Reddit users can create their own section of topics.

At the same time, the site has discussion forums for users to discuss what they have submitted and to vote for or against others' comments. Once a comment has received a sufficient number of votes against it, it is not displayed by default. Users are given the option to change this preference in their favorites, as well as on each individual comment page. The appearance of submissions on the front page was determined by the age of the submission, the positive, negative feedback ratio and the total number of votes.

App Store Performance

On July 13, 2022, we fixed the GIF and emoji buttons in the comment editor and fixed a bug that sometimes causes the app to crash when viewing post rewards. The most important updates are performance improvements and localization update.

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Reddit Update

A total of 2,590,000 reviews have been found in the Google Play store with a rating of 4.1 stars. It has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was newest updated on July 13, 2022. And it has received a 4.8 star rating from 2,400,000 users in the Apple App Store.

Reddit Reviews

Registration on Reddit is free and requires only an email address. Once logged in, users can vote posts and comments up or down in their ranking and submit posts and comments. Interested users can subscribe to these subreddits to have their content added to their site's homepage.

Reddit users can list other users as friends, allowing them to quickly find posts and messages from users on their friends list. Reddit's message and friend system, combined with a set of "reddiquette," gives Reddit some of the qualities of a social network. Reddit has some of the qualities of a social network, but is not as widespread as major social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+.

Reddit Pros and Cons


1. The official Reddit allows you to browse dedicated new roles such as chats, community group chats, and more.

2. You can add all the neighborhoods you find interesting, get your news, ask for advice, discuss fitness campaigns, and post your suggestions.


1. Since most of the content on Reddit is written in English, its appeal is fundamentally limited in non-English speaking countries and regions.

2. When you click on a photo or video, it goes to another player, and when you scroll up, it goes to a random video in a subreddit you haven't joined yet.

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