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The Description of Ring - Always Home

Ring - Always Home is developed by Ring.com, released on 2020, available on Amazon on Mar 31, 2020. It is a security camera that uses a Wi-Fi connected video doorbell to monitor your home from your phone or computer. With Ring - Always Home, users can view security cameras and interact with them from their phone or computer to use the app to talk to people at the door, check if a window or other entry is locked, it can also report to people with Neighbours on the same system send notifications, or just view past recorded activity.

App Store Performance

Ring - Always Home has 116104 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 3.6 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.5 stars rating and ranked as #5 in Utilities. There are 208.5K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon store, it has 7761 reviews and a review of 4.6 stars out of 5. Most users are satisfied with Ring - Always Home, generally giving it 5 stars, and think its function and security system are very good.

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Ring - Always Home Update

Ring-always Home allows users to enjoy brand new application updates, timely system bug fixes and improvements. On the basis of the original version, Ring has fixed problems caused by suppliers, including inability to view, add or purchase products on Ring.com and inability to access Ring Community. Some users may fail to connect to live videos or log in to applications or change Settings. When you try to log in to Ring.com or Ring applications using 2SV code, you may have increased error rates and other issues.

Ring - Always Home Reviews

Ring - Always Home, an app that lets users answer the doorbell, arm/disarm the system, adjust device settings, and more. You'll be notified when the sensor fires, so you can stay informed. However, Ring - Always Home needs to work with my Ring Doorbell. They are very simple to set up and use, and now whenever someone rings the doorbell, users can receive a notification on their phone through Ring's app, then users can see live video of the front door and can communicate with the person outside the door through the app chat. There is also a history of events stored in Ring's app, such as past "rings" and motion activations.

The functions of Ring - Always Home are intuitive and professional. Users can intelligently control remotely from a mobile phone or computer, arm or disarm the entire system or individual sensors, and view detailed event history and alarms. The system supports remote control of cameras, including pan, tilt and Zoom; support live viewing; view recorded video; view doorbell cameras, etc.

Ring - Always Home has many advantages, firstly, it works on all of the user's devices, including any motion detection on mobile phones, tablets or desktops; secondly, it has a wide HD video, and the wide-angle camera lens allows you to have a wide 30 feet around the house with clear high-definition images; third, with infrared night vision: this handy feature allows users to see what's going on outside the door, day and night; fourth, it's capable of bi-directional Conversation: Even if the user is not at home, they can ask who the visitor is through the app, and the two-way talk function like a walkie-talkie is very convenient; Fifth, advanced motion detection: In the test, whenever someone approaches our home, Ring will tell us Instant alerts from mobile phones, tablets and computers; Sixth, the video recording function will start capturing video when the sensor detects motion detection or when the doorbell is pressed; seventh, its live view function allows users to click the "live view" button at any time to get a glimpse of what is happening outside your home. things; eighth, it has a neighborhood alert function, when any suspicious events occur in the user's area, please send a notification to users with this function, so that you can better protect yourself and property; ninth, the custom function helps users Exclusively customize the device name, adjust the monitoring range of the alarm, etc.; tenth, it is convenient for users to learn and operate, its setup process is very simple, and it provides points on how to name the device, connect it to Wi-Fi and even test it. step-by-step instructions and installation instructions for other equipment.

The Ring - Always Home app is practical, simple, and it exceeds expectations. I think anyone concerned about home security and privacy should buy a Ring doorbell and download the app right now.

Ring - Always Home Pros and Cons


  1. Ring has the function of neighbourhood alert. When any suspicious event occurs in the user's area, please send notification to the neighbours with this function, so that users can better protect themselves and their property.

  2. Ring is easy to operate and contains tutorials, so it is easy to get started and convenient for people's safety.


  1. There is no vertical mode and only the landscape view is supported. Unable to provide vertical mode for users.

  2. When there are slow loading and network connection problems, it cannot play a role in monitoring and protecting security.

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    11 Nov,2022

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