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RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker

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The Description of RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker

Robokiller - Spam Call Blocker is an Android and iOS application developed by Teltech Systems, Inc. that allows users to block spam, robocalls and telemarketers. RoboKiller's mission is to waste the time of telemarketers and scammers. It prevents them from harassing more people by using answer bots. Its answering bots are pre-recorded audio files that play back spam and robocalls to trick them into thinking they are talking to someone on the other end of the call. And, RoboKiller has a global blacklist of over a million known spam numbers, helping users identify useless calls and messages.

App Store Performance

Robokiller - Spam Call Blocker has 110,260 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.3 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.5 stars rating and ranked as #179 in Utilities category. There are 386.1K ratings received in iOS App store. While many users think it's a great spam blocker, there are still some users who get low ratings because the system doesn't work properly.

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RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker Update

We're back with an update that includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. We've also improved the voicemail tour for users who have switched to RoboKiller's advanced voicemail system.

RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker Reviews

Robo-calling is a type of phone that is considered spam. Spam can be defined as inappropriate or irrelevant mail sent to a large number of recipients, typically those who have not yet registered or have expressed an interest in receiving any mail. Most robocalls are either fraudulent or illegal. In these cases, RoboKiller provides robot interception. Robocalls differ from most spam and telemarketing calls in that they are made automatically from a computer that sends a pre-recorded message. Robocalls are typically designed to create an interaction with a receiver through voice or keyboard input to transmit via a proxy or representative. Users can download RoboKiller to manage your Robo-calling problems RoboKiller allows you to trust your smartphone again, putting the user back in control of determining which calls are spam. When a user uses RoboKiller to block spam and Robo-calling on their smartphone, the user will have an impact in fighting Robo-calling. Designed specifically for users to fight spam callers and telemarketers, RoboKiller is able to waste 10,000 hours of spammers' time each month, depleting their funds and preventing them from scamming more victims.

RoboKiller is a bot blocker app that helps users block this spam and robocalls. In addition to providing the most effective spam call protection, real-time caller identification and blacklisting or whitelisting capabilities, RoboKiller is also a third-party bot blocker app that allows users to combat robocalls by using bots. In this way, protection saves users time, money, while protecting their identities and giving phone scammers the revenge, they deserve.

RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blocker Pros and Cons


-  It saves the user time and money while protecting the user's identity.

-  it will retaliate and hit back at phone scammers.

-  Users have the right to decide which calls can be considered spam.


-  The app has slow load times and crashes frequently.

-  Unable to remove numbers from block list, even user added numbers.

-  Poor customer service, slow to resolve issues.

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    17 Aug,2023
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    36 MB
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    Android 10+
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