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Topps® BUNT® MLB Baseball Card Trader

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The Description of Topps® BUNT® MLB Baseball Card Trader

Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader is an officially licensed digital collectibles app of Major League Baseball and MLB Players, Inc. With digital collecting, you can not only carry your entire collection on your phone or tablet, but also join a community of fans from all over the world and trade baseball cards in it. It allows users to upgrade their cards by trading and building their collections. Users will get a fun, interactive experience that combines the thrill of opening packs with the instant gratification of digital collectibles in the process. There is also the Card Exchange where users can trade several copies of the same card for a better one.

App Store Performance

On iOS AppStore, Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader’s rating is 4.6 out of 5.0, with 4,100 user reviews. On Google Play, its rating is 4.4 out of 5.0, with 14,223 user reviews and more than 500,000 installs.


The app combines the nostalgia of card collection with the competitive spirit of fantasy baseball, which has attracted tens of thousands of collecting enthusiasts to join a community of fans around the world. It is not difficult to find that the ratings of this app are not bad in the above two app stores, which means that it provides users with a better collection experience compared to other similar apps of its kind.

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Topps® BUNT® MLB Baseball Card Trader Update

The evolution of the app goes far beyond introducing new baseball cards every day. At its essence, the app strives to building popular concepts and ideas as well as introducing new ones. 

Topps® BUNT® MLB Baseball Card Trader Reviews

It is the interactive feature that helps set the app apart from other traditional card collecting apps. The baseball cards become more valuable and dynamic in the app, as the fans can participate in the daily free contests and those cards are always updating in real-time with each new game. Users can trade with other fans around the world anytime, anywhere. It is also convenient to connect with and follow fellow collectors.


With digital collecting, users can easily bring their collections to life. They can complete missions to unlock special content, participate in real-time scoring contests to win prizes, complete sets to earn collectible awards, spin the wheel to win packs with coins and diamonds and then trade for the desired cards, etc.

Topps® BUNT® MLB Baseball Card Trader Pros and Cons


- The process of collecting and trading cards in this app is fun.

- The users in the community of fans are very friendly and they are always generous and helpful.

- The app does not frequently push ads and in-app purchases, which is user-friendly.


- It is reflected that the app sometimes fails to update the cards in a timely manner.

- There are still some glitches that need to be fixed.

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    16 Oct,2023
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    94 MB
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    Android 7.0+
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