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The Description of WeChat

WeChat is a multi-purpose instant messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed and released by Tencent. It is not only a social media app, but a way of life for more than 1 billion monthly active users around the world. With WeChat, you can send messages, chat and make calls with friends, send multimedia files, and enjoy other services like online payments, reading news, using local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, etc.


WeChat is described as a “super app” because of its wide range of features. In addition to chatting, WeChat also offers many other features. For example, WeChat Localization, a location-sharing service, can help you share your location with friends and relatives; it has localized 18 different languages and you can easily see the translation of friend’s messages and Moments posts; you can pay for services and perform online money transactions with this app (*only available in certain regions); you can also share pictures, articles and personal updates in Moments, etc.

App Store Performance

On iOS AppStore, WeChat’s rating is 4.2 out of 5.0, with 64,000 user reviews. On Google Play, its rating is 3.8 out of 5.0, with 6,096,131 user reviews and more than 100,000,000 installs. Currently, the app is still not available on Amazon.


According to the data of Google Play mentioned above, it is not hard to find that the app has a large user base. And it’s rating on iOS AppStore is above the average level. But the rating is not that good on Google Play, which means that it still has some room for improvement. Nevertheless, we should admit that the app is still the obvious choice for most people. After all, the super app has over a billion active users and it has become a way of life for many people.

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WeChat Update

According to a report released by Tencent in 2018, WeChat aims to embed itself in “in every moment of uses’ daily lives, from morning to night, anytime, anywhere.” Apparently, it’s not an easy goal to achieve. Besides, since the app offers a large number of features, some bugs are hard to avoid. However, Tencent has always been forging ahead, improving the overall performance of the app by releasing regular updates. All of this has brought it closer to its goal. 

WeChat Reviews

WeChat, as a social media app, has a relatively good performance in terms of chatting and sending messages. And what makes this app stand out is the numerous features it offers. These features allow users to handle things, which they once might have to use many different apps to do, in the WeChat app. This is certainly a great creation for most users, as it makes their lives much easier.

WeChat Pros and Cons


-  The interface of the app is simple and user-friendly.

-  WeChat has a dark mode, which can meet the needs of more users.

-  The online payment function is very convenient.

-  WeChat has surprisingly few ads compared to its peers in the industry.


-  Sometimes users’ accounts are blocked and they need to apply for unblocking.

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