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Frequently Asked Questions Bigo Live - Live Streaming App

(1)How to download an App?

Appseeks.com is the home of popular Apps and games for online users. Once you are on our website, user can search any App which might be of his/her interest or choose from the editor’s recommendations. Click on Download once you have got the correct version of the App. The download process is swift and safe and you don’t need to create any account. Please note although you can find historical version of the Apps in the website, we recommend you download the latest version.

(2)Is the Apps downloaded safe to use?

Appseeks.com value user security of paramount importance. We ensure all the contents are verified by our system before we upload and publish them. Therefore, we guarantee that all Application files we provide come from official and other reliable sources, and promise that they will not contain any malicious software that will harm your hardware or privacy, so that everyone can use it with confidence.

(3)Can I download Apps for free?

Yes! Downloading Apps is 100% free in our website, and you don't need an account to download, it's really simple and easy to use! Of course, some Apps have in-App purchase option, which is the product design and setting by their developer. It is up to you should you decide to purchase anything from the Apps.

(4)How to transfer the downloaded App file from PC to mobile phone?

There are two ways to download App to mobile phone:

1. When you use your PC to visit Appseeks.com to download the Application, QR code will be displayed on the download page, and you can download the Application to your mobile phone directly by scanning the QR code with your phone camera;

2. You can also use your mobile phone to visit m.Appseeks.com to directly download the Application onto the phone.

(5)How can I install the App?

The website provides APK file. After downloading it into to your phone, your phone browser will carry on the installation. You only need to follow the steps to complete the installation process of the App. After installation, an icon will be displayed on the phone home page, and you can go on and use it now!

(6)How can I use the App?

Each App has different functions. Normally when you use the App for the 1st time, there will be tutorial sessions for new users. You can learn how to use the Application by following those steps taught in the tutorial. At the same time, you can also learn how to use it in the following ways:

1. We provide link to App’s official developer website and download link from Google Play or iOS App store. You can search for user guide/help documents from those sites.

2. You can learn how to play by checking our App’s review page;

3. Learn how to use the Application through the help center that comes with the Application.

Reviews (4)
  • By Rajesh Soman
    Happy dream
    25 Oct,2022
  • By Toheeb
    I want bingo live
    13 Oct,2022
  • By Daphne A Holman
    II want a ride tomorrow to my Drs office
    14 Sep,2022
  • By clyde Garcia
    What you vwant to here or say
    8 Sep,2022

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