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The Description of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was released back in 2012 by Developer Supercell and is still going strong till today. It revolves around PvP combat, the underlying game mechanics is Clan-against-Clan attacks. Players are expected to gather resources and build up the team’s defences and army for upcoming battles with one another.

App Store Performance

In total, 57,394,652 reviews are found in Google play store with 4.6 stars rating. There has been 500,000,000+ installs and the most recent update is December 16, 2021. While in Apple app store Clash of Clans is ranked No. 7 in Strategy category with 4.8 stars rating by 1.9M users. The app is rated as 9+ on Apple iOS App store and “Everyone 10+” in Google Play store. 

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Clash of Clans Update

Lots of new features are added into the game since its initial release, you can expect new updates every two months. Either changes in the game’s mechanics, or new buildings and troops, players can constantly find surprises while playing. The December 2014 update bought a Christmas-y touch to the game. It's snowing all over the towns. For Halloween, a new skeleton trap was "released" to add the spooky effect. The developer added a feature to let players copy the war base after taking the feedback from user reviews.

Clash of Clans Reviews

When you start the game, you will get a basic town hall, army barracks, and resource-generating facilities. In the beginning you will be battling against in-game AI-only, and it is quite easy as long as your army size has outnumbered the enemy. While more effort is required as the game progresses, the AI bases start getting more defensive in nature. Players will then be sucked into the game and try to get resources to construct better buildings, spend more time to gather a stronger army. 

Although the battles with AI can be a great introduction, PvP is essence of the game and where the real fun begins. Players must succeed in attacking or defending their base castles for rewards like trophies or climbing up the leaderboards. 

However, you don’t get any control over your army or base in the raid itself the game’s AI will take care of that. While you don’t directly involve in raids, you can still watch and learn why your army failed and where you need to improve next time. You can always learn new offensive and defensive tactics while watching new players who normally bring new perspective.

Clash of Clans Pros and Cons


- Fun to have PvP battle whether it is against AI or other players.

- Learn tactics and strategy while watching the game .

- Regular update and new feature/customization released.


- Game is too repetitive in nature, i.e. train army, attack and defence.

- Too many stats used cause confusion such as trophies, experience level, troops donated/received, elixir, and gold.

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