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The Description of Lily’s Garden

Lilly's Garden is an elimination breakthrough dress-up game, the game has a beautiful cartoon style and dress-up gameplay, players in the game need to pass these levels to redecorate the manor, dress it up as you like, the game has a wealth of decorative props to provide players with a choice.


In Lily’s garden, we will do it ourselves! Here you will use a lot of material pictures to decorate your ecological garden, the game has a beautiful pattern and unique colors, the same pattern design to remove, the larger the removal of the higher the score. Feel the ups and downs of the little story, clean the garden of waste in an orderly manner, and bring back the glory of the garden of waste.

App Store Performance

A total of 1,233,451 reviews have been found in the Google Play store with a rating of 4.6 stars. It has been installed more than 10,000,000 times and was newest updated on January 5, 2022. And it has received a 4.8 star rating from 214.4Kusers in the Apple App Store.

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Lily’s Garden Update

On December 18, 2021, Lily is ready for a new level and the next part of her story! And in the newest update, Lilly and her friends will be added in the next part of the story. The most important updates are bug fixes and performance improvements.

Lily’s Garden Reviews

Lily's Garden is a game that combines management, dress up and triple elimination gameplay. It's fun to play if you combine the gameplay of both games. This game design is still very good, huge dress up waiting for you to decorate, but to unlock new places, you need to continue to challenge the level, and then you can experience a variety of game fun, and there is a wonderful plot story, each scene has a wealth of decorative content can be freely chosen.


At the same time, you can enjoy playing your advantages in your favorite field, the game is not only challenging, but also entertaining, I believe you will like this game! Because it is a very interesting casual elimination game, the game play is easy and interesting, players will complete a variety of three elimination levels. At the same time, you will meet a variety of NPC, gradually unlock the various areas of the garden, you can also choose their own different decorative style, you will eventually see a grand and beautiful garden in front of you, it is recommended for players who like casual simulation games.

Lily’s Garden Pros and Cons


- The painting style and quality are very good.

- This game is very creative and has some unique gameplay. 


- But there are two obvious drawbacks to this way of playing. One is that it feels that users should be forced to use some of the phone's features, it may lead the interest is lower than before, the other is that compatibility is a big problem.

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    1 Jan,1970
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    160 MB
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    5.0 and up
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